Every cowboy sings a sad, sad song

He always looked forward to seeing her. They had such a rapport and could talk about all sorts for hours, their mates would tease them afterwards ‘We couldn’t get a word in’ they would laugh, ‘we may as well have not been at the pub’. He wasn’t sure what kind of crazy glue formed this bond between them, but he knew he liked it. Years later, after they have gone their separate ways he will convince himself that he was right not to tell her how he really felt about her. She was bright with university and a big future ahead of her, he was still living in the town that he had grown up in, in the same job he’d had for years, how could he hold her back? One day, when chance throws them together at a wedding, he sees her walking towards him and all those feelings that he’d masked for years come crashing back like a deluge. ‘You know, I had such a huge crush on you back then,’ she confides in him, eyes sparkling just like they used to. And just like that, the remorse and reality come tumbling about him as he understands that now, with his life, his obligations, this can never be, that back then, with her, he had the chance to be really happy and he let it slip away.


3 thoughts on “Every cowboy sings a sad, sad song

  1. i missed you. and i tried to do a search to find you. and i typed in “cloudspitter” and then i realized. oh, fuck. that’s that soft russell banks novel. not that blog i was hoping would have tons of words that would make me realize the world wasn’t what i knew it was. and then i found you again. thank christ. and bookmarked you between the vegan-bloggers and the seattle pi.

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