The year in books | Jan 2015

Back when I worked in retail marketing I was lucky enough to get so many free books that I was never short of anything to read. I’m ashamed to admit it but I would often start books and then give up on them if they didn’t capture my attention after a few pages and I would pass them on to friends or charity shops without even batting an eyelid.

Since leaving that job I’m not inundated with free books and as I buy them with my own pocket money (or go to the library) I am more likely to make the effort to read a book from start to finish. Trouble is I’ve found it increasingly difficult to devote a bit of time to reading since having the boys which is such a shame because it is one of my all time loves. I suspect this is mostly to do with the fact that I am always so tired (yes the Husb and I are still pretty sleep-deprived as Littlest is not quite sleeping through even at 21 months), and partly to do with my attention span being so short at the moment as my poor, battered brain is always juggling an infinite to-do list.

Towards the end of last year I discovered Laura’s gorgeous blog Circle of Pine Trees and although there are so many things I love about her blog, what really shone through for me was her love of books. It’s obviously a big love as she created a project where the aim was to read (at least) one book a month and make a record of it, share it, discuss it using #theyearinbooks. It’s kind of a virtual book group but it’s not conventional because we all choose whatever we want to read, and it’s this gentle approach which appealed to me because it seemed less scary than a book group and most of all, it felt achievable.

So this is me, starting off my #yearinbooks with January’s book, The fault in our stars by John Green. I’ve always been a sucker for YA fiction and this looks like a gem.



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