Back to blogging

I started my first blog back in 2003. Writing (and reading) has always been a passion of mine and after getting a bit bogged down in the world of retail marketing I wanted something more for myself. A hobby maybe, something that would feed my need to create, something that would get me into the habit of writing regularly. A friend told me about blogging, and that was it, I was hooked.

Back then blogging platforms were pretty clunky and the templates were simple and definitely not aesthetically pleasing. But that was okay because blogs were all about words.

So I started writing.

I slowly built up a loyal following, became part of an inspiring and supportive community, met some terrific people and even got a mention in Marie Claire magazine. And the biggest bonus of all, I met met my husband through a fellow blogger. But meeting my husband meant that I didn’t really have anything to write about any more because until then my main topic had been the all-elusive love and my efforts to find it. So I stopped blogging.

I haven’t stopped reading blogs. And I have missed blogging like a long lost friend. I have pined for it and I have even tried to start it up again but I failed every time because I honestly felt that I couldn’t really sustain a blog without a central theme.

Over the years blogging has seen a total evolution. First you could include photos in your posts (deep intake of breath), then video (gasp) and most recently with social media you can turn your blog into your very own brand (total disbelief). These days even big brands have bought into the benefits of blogging and blogs can be about anything and everything but I still prefer the independent bloggers.

My favourite bloggers don’t focus on just one theme, and they’re not just about words, but instead they feature words and photos and tutorials and reviews and recipes. All the things that I love. I realise now that, maybe, just maybe, the time is right for me to start again. I am totally overwhelmed and frankly a little intimidated by just how good and how beautiful blogs are these days. And I’m not sure if I have anything interesting to say. But I’m going to give it a shot. Because if I don’t, I’ll only have myself to blame.


2 thoughts on “Back to blogging

  1. Yep, get to it girlfriend. Fill those pages with all the marvellous musings and scrumptious sentiments which you know we all love to guzzle up. Clouds of meringue with a saccharine-busting sauce… yumsk. xxx

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