‘Til tomorrow

Recycled from my paranoidpromqueen days, written November 2004

He looks up expectantly and when he realises she isn’t there checks his watch; it’s not yet ten to nine. He gets back to work and the next time he looks up she is standing there in front of him. As is the way every morning she looks a little flustered and and her eyes flit around never quite settling on him. She seems a little nervy so he smiles at her. He thinks that there is some sort of unspoken connection between them, that if the universe ever saw fit to bring them together for a proper chat they would find so much to talk about and they wouldn’t stop. He wonders if she ever thinks of him and if a proper chat is at all likely. Probably not. Still, she is here now so he flashes his best smile at her, ignores his other customers and hands the cup straight to her, ‘Semi-skimmed latte?’ As she takes the cup her fingers brush past his ever so slightly, and she looks him in the eye. They are both aware of the tiny, fleeting frisson hanging in the air between them. ‘Thank you’ she says, smiling at him, and off she goes to start her day.


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