Books with my boys – The Snowy Day (Ezra Jack Keats)

I’ve been coveting this book for years now so imagine my delight (and the squeal which escaped from me) when I found it in a charity shop for the princely sum of 20p!

I’ve read this to both of my boys a few times now but Snr Son decided he wanted to read it to me today. He’s in year 2 now and his reading is coming along so well and I’m really keen to encourage his (and Jnr Son’s) already firm love of books.image
Peter wakes up one morning to find that it has snowed.image
He gets his snow gear on and goes out on a little adventure. His feet crunching through the snow as he makes tracks and patterns. image

Peter finds a stick to play with and ends up with snow on his head!imageimage
His little adventure continues, he sees some older boys but decides not to join in with their snowball fight and instead makes a snowman and snow angels. image
He pops a snowball in his pocket for tomorrow and then he goes home to his mum who gives him a lovely bath. Of course when he checks his snowball at bedtime it has melted and he’s sad. But all’s not lost because tomorrow is a new day with fresh snow!

This book was written in 1962 and was ‘awarded the Caldecott Medal by the American Library Association for being the most distinguished picture book for children in its year of publication’.  Despite its age I think the endearing illustrations and the story itself have helped it to remain a favourite with so many kids and parents around the world. It taps into that child-like excitement of seeing snow blanketing the world we know, and it does it so well. It’s definitely a firm favourite in our house anyway.

Which books about weather do you and your kids like to read? Do they capture the excitement of the moment or do they conjure up different reactions/emotions? Do you have any favourites from your childhood?

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