Five under £5 for December

I love a bargain, I really do. I’ve often wondered if it’s a trait that is innate in us Asians, I know my Ma is pretty good at haggling and sniffing out a bargain. Perhaps there’s a gene for it and some of us have it and some of us don’t. Well, whatever the reason, when I saw that Julia from Rainbeaubelle was doing a link up for her Five under £5 posts I got more than a little bit excited and so here are my Five under £5 for December.


Safari animal figures from B&M, £2.99 for a tub of 48 animals. Snr Son is going to be 6 in a couple of weeks so the obligatory bouncy castle party at the local leisure centre has been booked. Next year he might want something a bit different so I figured we should go for the easy option while we can (Husb and I are exhausted thanks to Jnr Son’s night-time partying). These animals are perfect to pop into party bags, they’re well made, our boys love playing with them and at that price we can pop a few in each bag.


Christmas tree wrapping paper, £2.00 from Sainsburys, also included in their 3 for 2 offer. I couldn’t help but include some Christmassy items in my five. I spent a good eight years of my working life in retail marketing and we would start reviewing the Christmas campaign just gone and planning for the next one in February so by the time December came I was sick of it! I have to say it sucked the joy of Christmas out of me. But I haven’t worked in retail for some time now and I actually get excited about Christmas, which is lucky because now I have two boys and it wouldn’t do to have the Grinch for a Mama!  I’m a sucker for silver, and I particularly love the simplicity of this paper – silver mini christmas trees on snowy white paper. Perfect for those pressies under the tree.


This hot chocolate glass from Homebase was originally £2.99 but is now £1.50 and I got a set of four. I share a love of mulled wine and Baileys coffees (and handbags!) with my Step-Mother-in-Law and it’s part of our Christmas gift to her. I searched far and wide for glasses that weren’t too top heavy and had lost hope of finding what I had in mind. I was thrilled to find these as they are so much prettier than the others I had found, so it doesn’t look like I’ve just stolen them from Costa!


Willie’s Cacao Milk of the Gods chocolate £1.90 from Waitrose. One of my old friends from university has just had her first baby so I thought I’d put a little care package together for her. The first few months are so exhausting (and at times terrifying!) and it can be really tough. Of course, all the gifts for the baby are welcome and appreciated but it’s nice to be reminded that you’re doing a great job. I’ve popped some little treats in the box to remind my friend to be kind to herself and to take a break when she can. Teas, hot chocolate, some nice smellys and this divine chocolate. It’s so delicious and I admit I have just a small addiction to it.


Fox lavender bag £1.50 The Original Factory Shop. I bought one of these sweet foxes for my AutumnTimeSurpriseProject partner and I loved it so much I went and treated myself to one, it does also double up as a decoration for the tree. Well, sometimes you just have to treat yourself don’t you?!

So that’s my Five under £5 for December, I’ve really enjoyed taking part so thank you Julia for organising it x


8 thoughts on “Five under £5 for December

  1. Oh thank you so much for joining in! I love finding things for these posts so thought it would be fun to see what other people picked too! What a great idea to put the animals in party bags, and I love the little fox. I took my kids to a cafe yesterday for hot chocolate and they were served in glasses like this one! Perfect pressies for a choccie lover! xx #fiveunder5

  2. You have found some great bargains, I love each one! The fox lavender bag is really sweet, we have lots of little woodland creatures around our house so may have to treat myself! I have some of those animal tubs for stocking fillers for my boys but I never thought how great they would be for party bags, we still haven’t risked a proper party but I will have to remember that for the future. Lovely picks #fiveunder5 xx

    • Thanks Hayley! I loved your finds too.
      The birthday parties are hard work but the boys get such a kick out of them! Hope you have fun when you start having yours. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, really sweet of you x

  3. Some lovely but there and you’ve just reminded me that we forgot to drink our mulled wine this Christmas! I don’t think I could face it now, I feel as though all we have done for days now is eat and drink! My body is telling me no more! As is the waistband on my jeans xxx

    • I have to admit I could drink mulled wine all year round.
      Our family always make sure we have ‘stretchy pants’ at the ready for the eating, drinking and being merry at Christmas time. Though I think actually those ‘stretchy pants’ come in far more usual in the few weeks after!
      Thanks for stopping by! x

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