What’s it all about?

Hello! I’m Shrads.

I had a blog once. At times it was even quite popular. But life moved on, things changed and I realised that I couldn’t be that blogger anymore.

This is my attempt to try and go back to my original intentions – to try and write stuff I would be proud of writing and record things that I want to remember. There’s no central theme, there’s no rhyme or reason. It’s my place for words and pictures and craft and food and, well, anything else that tickles my fancy.

I hope I stick to it this time.

Oh and I should probably admit that I like to include lyrics as blog post titles where I can. It’s stupid, please indulge me! And if you want to know which song the lyric is from, then just leave me a comment.


10 things about me

  1. Mama to two boys
  2. Wife to all-round-good-egg, Husb
  3. Story junkie/bibliophile
  4. Daughter of a Gurkha and TCK
  5. Lapsed blogger
  6. Lover of wind turbines and chinooks
  7. Cotswold-dweller
  8. Teeny-bopper (Tay Tay and Ed rock!)
  9. Facing forty (less than a year to go – eep!)
  10. Coffee addict

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